It’s a Pillow, it’s a Pet, it’s a Pillow Pet!

My three year old daughter has been leaping around the house all evening. I’m exhausted!

‘Mummy can we get some prawn crackers, I’ve got my $2.’

She then delves into her secret stash of coins that I wasn’t aware of while I stood there in awe of this treasure chest.

‘Please don’t touch my money mum’, she said, ‘I am saving it up for a donkey Pillow Pet’.

Now this isn’t money stolen from me, she apparently saves coins that I give her to play with. She saves the coins she finds in the street. She also saves up odd low value coins I throw about and picks out the ones she finds down the back of seats and under the armchairs.

It’s all in her hidden stash for a Pillow Pet! More specifically it’s the Donkey Pillow she is saving for.$T2eC16JHJHoE9n3Kd75CBRR3Z9Mbdg~~60_35

It’s a Pillow, it’s a pet. It’s a Pillow Pet. (I refuse to be the only one spending tonight with that song rattling round my head!).

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