Everest at Lunch Time….


We had lunch with ‘Boy Wonder’, my sons father, this week. We were served by a beautiful Nepalese lady that works at the café and she is from Kathmandu.

My conversation with ‘Boy Wonder’ went as follows:

Me, ‘that lady is from Kathmandu’.
Boy Wonder with blank expression, ‘why is she working here?’.
Me, ‘because this is her job’
Boy Wonder (still looking gormless), ‘but why is she not working in Kathmandu?’
Me (taking a deep breath), ‘because she works here and that’s a long way to travel each day to work in a cafe’.
Boy Wonder (even more confused), ‘but isn’t Kathmandu a shop?’
Me, ‘Are you kidding me? Yes it is a shop but it is also a place in Nepal too’.
Boy Wonder, ‘really?’
Me, (big sigh), ‘yes, there’s also a great big bloody mountain near it too’……………….

His answer?

BoyWonder ‘really?’

I don’t know what I am more mortified about, the fact that I had sex with this man or the reality that my son could inherit his brain.


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