My Daughter is Starting PreSchool….

My daughter officially starts ‘pre-school’ Feb 2014. My local public preschool, a wild and woolly school in inner city Sydney with a large aboriginal, housing commission and Ibis population (the bird not the hotel group).


Apparently the kids frequently start school at 9.00am having to shuffle by a couple of tramps asleep in their playground.


But this is my life. This is where I live and I love it!

From the Google searches I have done I believe the school itself doesn’t even have a NSW school rating. It also seems that being a ‘single mum’, I am also classed as a ‘disadvantaged’ person living in a disadvantaged area so my daughter gets to go to this totally nutty ‘off your head’ pre-school for $10 a day where she can learn how to steal cars, make bongs, pick locks and tell me to f*ck off.

And….I even have to make her a packed lunch for that honour!

In my head, this is what the packed lunch will look like. A beautiful lunch filled with notes of ‘love’ from mummy:


The reality is that it’s more likely to look like this:


Anyway, on a more serious note, the school is actually a gem of a find and a really lovely place hidden behind the big wire fences and warnings. It’s just has the bad reputation that’s stuck with it from 20 years back. I suppose twenty years ago the kids all went to an out of town for a school sports day and full of tartrazine kicked the bejesus out of the other school kids. Anyway, the Head Mistress is a lovely lady and her sister was the Head Mistress at one of my local schools in the UK. Small world. So stuff all that private school bollocks (not that I could afford it anyway) and having to join the ‘mummy-run’ and drive everyday to drop my kids off to school. It’s a minute down the road, we can walk there. I think it’s a great small school, it will provide a great start for my daughters education and we will be part of the community.

So I’m quite proud of myself that I have ignored all those idiotic ‘scaremongering’ mummies,

‘Oh THAT school, yuck, what a shame that it’s your catchment area school, ha ha, we are sending ‘insert stupid kids name here’ to the private school 50 kms away’.

The way I see it, at least my daughter will learn how to look after herself. She already gets the morals and discipline at home, by going to this school she’ll also be street smart.

She’ll be beating the pansy ‘Yummy Mummy’ kids up, without the tartrazine, in no time!


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